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President: Keiji YOSHIMOTO
Address: 4-2-30, SHIOE, AMAGASAKI-SHI HYOGO 661-8510
Tel: +81-6-6718-6150
Fax: +81-6-6718-6151
Products: Dough sheeter,Other cake making machines and equipment,Milk receiving tank,Milk storage tank,Milk cooler,Mixing tank,Milk homogenizer,Pasteurized milk storage tank,Other special machinery and equipment for making of butter and cheese,Milk pump,Milk pasteurizer,Flush pre heater,Dairy products making plant,Other machinery and equipment for making of manufactured dairy product,Deaerator,Sanitary pump,Evaporator,Extractor,Mixing tank,Silo tank,Tank,Homogenizer,Heat exchanger,Beverage plant,Teaprocessing machinery and equipment,Other beverage manufacturing machines and equipment,Smoke house,Make-up machines and equipment,Skewer skewering machine,"TOFU,YUBA making machines and equipment",Other forming machines and equipment,Culture equipment,Other Prepared food processing machinery and equipment,Thawing equipment,Spray dryer,Other Fermented food and beverage products machinery and equipment,Retort prepared processing equipment,Low temperature germicidal equipment,Liquid continuous retort processing equipment,Other germicidal equipmen,Washing equipment,Joule heating system,Seal packing machine,Filling machine,Other packing machine,Pomp,Valve/Connector,Measuring and controlling system,Engineering
Target Foods: Bean jam,Iceconfectioneries(Ice, Sherbet, etc.),Cold confectioneries(Pudding,Jelly,etc),Drinking water,Carbonated beverage,Natural fruit juice,Fruit drink,Fruit pulp drink,Tea beverage,Soy milk,Fluid milk,Processed milk,Skimmilk,Milkdrink,Sweetened condensed milk,Condesed milk,Powdered milk,Fermented milk,Lactic fermented milk drink,Other milk drink,SAKE,Other non-alcoholic beverage,Ham, pressed ham and mixed ham,Vegetables juice,Vegetables soups,Jams°£°÷marmalade,Fruit juice,Hamburg steaks and meat balls,SYUMAI and GYOZA,SYUMAI and GYOUZA,Curry and hash,Stew/soup,Soybean curd and fried soy bean curds,Soymilk,Soy-sauces,Sauces,Vinegar,UMAMI seasonings,TSUYU for vermicelli andsimilar preparations,Carry roux,Grilled meat's sauces,Other seasoning and soups