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President: Takashi NAKAI
Address: 4-17-20, SHIJYOUNAWATE-SHI, OKAYAMA, OSAKA 575-0002
Tel: +81-72-824-1551
Fax: +81-72-822-1562
Products: Grinding mill,Mixer,Stone mill,Other flour milling equipment,Noodle making mixer,Extrude dough sheeter,Continuous rolling machine,Noodle Slitting machine,Dough sheeter,Dough feeder,Teuchi-noodle machine,Other noodle machinery and equipment,Mixer,Baking machines and equipment,Bean jam plant,Bread slicer,Mochi-making machine,Extruder,Steamer,Other cake making machines and equipment,Other Baking machines and equipment,Filling machine,Meat mixer,Pulper,Steam and kneading machine,Steam machine,Other steam heat processing machine,Frying machine,Other direct heating processing machine,Other direct heating processing machine,Boiling and kneading machine,Other Boiling and heating machine,Other heating prepared machine,Twin screw cooking extruder,cooker and equipment for kitchen,Kneader
Target Foods: Raw vermicelli and similar preparation,Other vermicelli, macaroni and similar preparation,Bread,Bun,Yeast doughnuts,Prepared bread,Croissant,Pies,Other bread,Rice cracker,WA-GASHI,Japanese cake,Foreign cake,Bean jam,MOCHI,Other confectioneries,Other fish paste product,Curry and hash,Fried saute,Smothered food,Other prepared food,Other prepared beans,Carry roux,Grilled meat's sauces,Other seasoning and soups