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President: Eiichi UMIUCHI
Address: 4-20-5, TAITO, TAITO-KU, TOKYO 110-0016
Tel: +81-3-3834-1561
Fax: +81-3-3834-2185
Products: Slaughter house machines andequipment,Other slaughter house machines and equipment,Dressing machine,Smoke house,Other meat processing machinery and equipment,Roasting and boiling equipment,Other Marine products manufacturing machinery and equipment,Steam machine,Other steam heat processing machine,Other heating prepared machine,Utensil washer,Other Prepared food processing machinery and equipment,Cooling and freezing equipment,Freezing equipment,Thawing equipment,Storage system,Refrigerating storage,Box type dryer,Other Drying machines,Ultraviolet germicidal equipment,Other germicidal equipmen,Washing equipment,Air treatment equipment,Other sanitary maintaining equipment,Water treating machine,Sludge eliminating equipment,Incinerators,Deodorant equipment,Engineering for environmental Approach,Other environmental equipment,Conveyer/Belt,Pneumatic transportation equipment,Factory facilities,Engineering,Engineering for HACCP
Target Foods: Natural fruit juice,Tea beverage,Ham, pressed ham and mixed ham,Sausage,Bacon,Cut meat,Meat, canned or bottled,Drymeat,Other meat, prepared,KAMABOKO,Fish meat ham, sausage and hamburg,Processed seasoning,Processed tangle,Other processed sea foods,Hamburg steaks and meat balls,SYUMAI and GYOZA,Boiled food,Broiled food,Smothered food,Other cheese and butter,Other foods, n.e.c.