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President: Yoshio YANAGIYA
Address: 189-18, YOSHIWA, UBE-SHI, YAMAGUCHI 759-0134
Tel: +81-836-62-1661
Fax: +81-836-62-1611
Products: Mixer,Boiled noodle making plant,Mixer,Moulder,Bean jam filling machine,Other cake making machines and equipment,Extractor,Chopper,Meat slicer,Cutter,Fish washer,Fish processing machine,Raikai mixer,Cooling and freezing equipment,Seaweed processing machine,Fish meat separator,Pulper,Make-up machines and equipment,Roasting and boiling equipment,Tangle cutter,Broiling fish machine,Processing of Artificial crab meat,Processing of KAMABOKO,Processing of AGEMONO,Processing of TIKUWA,Other Marine products manufacturing machinery and equipment,Steam machine,Other steam heat processing machine,Fryer,Calcinating machine,Roasting machine,"TOFU,YUBA making machines and equipment",Other forming machines and equipment,Kneader,Cooling and freezing equipment,Thawing equipment,Fluidized bed dryer,Filter press,Joule heating system,Metal detector,Solid materials aligning device,Robot,Engineering
Target Foods: Raw vermicelli and similar preparation,Bun,Yeast doughnuts,Baked cake,WA-GASHI,Foreign cake,Bean jam,KAMABOKO,Fish meat ham, sausage and hamburg,Other fish paste product,Processed tangle,Processed laver,Other processed sea foods,Vegetables juice,Soybean curd and fried soy bean curds,Yuba,Soymilk