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President: Hajime KAKIUCHI
Address: 4-1-21, HAMAZOE-DORI, NAGATA-KU, KOBE-SHI, HYOGO 653-0024
Tel: +81-78-685-5851
Fax: +81-78-685-5674
Products: Rice whitening machine,Metal detecting Machine,Barley whitening machine,Flour manufacturing machine,Extrude dough sheeter,Baking machines and equipment,Bean jam plant,Bread slicer,Mochi-making machine,Dairy products making plant,Fruits and vegetable sorting machine,Fruits and vegetable washer,Beverage plant,Slaughter house machines andequipment,Dressing machine,Meat slicer,Fish washer,Fish meat sorting machine,egetable washing machine,Chopper,Rice ball forming machine,Sushi forming machine,Compound cooking equipment,Rotary dryer,Other Fermented food and beverage products machinery and equipment,Clean room equipment,Seal packing machine,Can filling machine,Waste processor,Sludge eliminating equipment,Conveyer/Belt,Pomp,Compressor,Variation,Robot
Target Foods: Rice flour,Wheat flour,Flour,Raw vermicelli and similar preparation,Instant vermicelli and similar preparation,Other vermicelli, macaroni and similar preparation,Bun,Yeast doughnuts,Prepared bread,Biscuit,Foreign cake,Candies,Chocolate,Chewing-gum bubble gum,Snack confectioneries,Drinking water,Carbonated beverage,Fruit drink,Roasted coffee bean,Soluble coffee,Fluid milk,Ham, pressed ham and mixed ham,Sausage,Slice meat,Unsalted and dried fish and shellfish,Canned fish and shellfish,KAMABOKO,Fish meat ham, sausage and hamburg,Processed seasoning,Fish and shellfish, prepared or preserved,Cut vegetables,Vegetables,canned or bottled,Vegetables juice,Fried foods,Canned