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President: Atsushi SATO
Address: 110-1, TSURUNO, KUSHIRO-SHI, HOKKAIDO 084-0924
Tel: +81-154-52-7101
Fax: +81-154-53-0878
Products: Bread slicer,Meat cutter,Meat slicer,Cutter,Injector,Other meat processing machinery and equipment,Fish meat sorting machine,Fish processing machine,Cooling and freezing equipment,Fish meat separator,Roasting and boiling equipment,Skinning machine,Head cutter,Slicer,Ice making machine,Ice bank,Other Marine products manufacturing machinery and equipment,Cutter,Vegetable Dehydrator,Other Agricultural products manufacturing machinery and equipment,Steam machine,Other steam heat processing machine,Cooling and freezing equipment,Storage system,Ice temperature warehouse,Icemaking machine,Ice bank,Other quality management equipmentt,Water drop flipper,Retort prepared processing equipment,Washing equipment,Other sanitary maintaining equipment,Palletizing robot,Solid materials aligning device,Other conveyer and parts equipment
Target Foods: Slice meat,Cut meat,Processed seasoning,Fish and shellfish, prepared or preserved,Other processed sea foods,Cut vegetables