TOP > What is FOOMA? [The Food Machinery of FOOMA]
The food processing machines of Japan provide a wonderful contribution to the eating culture of the world.
FOOMA gathers experts in the field of food production from 200 or more different companies. These experts, through intelligence and planning,bring about the best possible food processing machinery which works constantly to make food for the world.
The food processing machinery made by the member companies of FOOMA
1.Rice/Barley milling machinery
2.Flour milling machinery
3.Noodle making machinery
4.Bakery and confectionery machinery
5.Dairy products processing machinery
6.Beverage manufacturing machinery
7.Meat processing machinery
8.Marine products processing machinery
9.Agricultural products processing machinery and equipment
10.Prepared food processing machinery and equipment/Cooker and equipment for kitchen
11.Quality management equipment
12.Drying machines
13.Ferment and brewery machinery
14.Sanitary maintaining equipment and its materials
15.Scale and packing related equipment
16.Environmental equipment
17.Analyzing/testing equipment
18.Conveyer and parts equipment
19.Food-related equipment,parts and materials