About FOOMA [Activity Guide]

■ Activities based on national policies

  • Revision of JIS standards
  • Check for possible safety improvements in all applicable
  • machinery in compliance with PL regulations and HACCP system
  • Propulsion of tax privileges for the industry

■ Responsible for holding the International Food Machinery &Technology Exhibition (FOOMA JAPAN)

  • Annual sponsorships of the largest exhibition of food processing machinery in Japan

■ Working positively to become more international

  • Sending and receiving observation teams to exchange technology and techniques
  • Implementation of a foreign training program complete with monetary aid
  • Participating and offering assistance in foreign exhibitions
  • Giving monetary contributions to UNICEF and Japan Red Cross

■ Technological research for our members

  • Exchanging information with universities and research laboratories
  • Making practical applications of basic technologies through research with the help of governmental support
  • Setting up technological research meetings for those who excel in their fields

■ Holding training meetings and lectures

  • Every year we invite experts to give lectures on timely topics
  • Setting up new year gatherings to expand upon various fields
  • Having training programs targeting PL regulations and HACCP systems
  • Our members visit several factories and various food-related companies

■ Appealing to society with information and published works

  • Publication of the quarterly journal "FOOMA"
  • Monthly publication of the bulletin "Nisshokuko Dayori"
  • "General catalogues for Food Machinery of Japan" is published with an English translation.
  • We provide an information database of people in the industry and our member companies.

■ Facilities which include benefit systems and welfare plans

  • Implementation of group exporting and domestic services with a PL insurance system
  • Promotion of a national FOOMA welfare program
  • Programs including a benefit system for the FOOMA group